Board Members

Our Board is dedicated to ensuring that we stay true to our mission and never waver from our vision. They develop strategies to assure achievement of goals set forth by both of those guiding elements.

Our Board is made up of carefully chosen, trustworthy advisors who may also contribute to the day-to-day management of our organization. With complete transparency and honesty, we would like to point out that none of our board members or executives are receiving monetary compensation for their work. See our board charter for more information.

These people, who are leaders in their communities, are changing the world and others’ lives around them. These amazing people choose to be a part of this important work. They’ve given up their free time to make sure we can keep on making a difference.

Elizabeth Toombs

Elizabeth Toombs is a 2nd year PhD student and graduate instructor in sociology. As a qualitative researcher Elizabeth uses a real life approach to her research. She has participated in and taught coursework in criminology, race and ethnicity, as well as other sociological interests. Her hope is to add a dimension of humanity to social problems and to advocate for those in need.