Education and Training

A Voice From Prison has partnered with a company to provide ongoing personal and professional growth courses for inmates who are in prison or who were previously incarcerated. These courses offer former inmates the opportunity to learn how to develop new skillsets so they can successfully reintegrate back into society when they are released following incarceration.

Currently, two sets of courses are being developed aimed specifically for previous inmates:

* Entrepreneurship

* Professional and Personal Development

Many of the most popular preparatory courses, including PMI Project Management and Lean Six Sigma, can lead to professional certification – which builds valuable skillsets for both the convict and society at large. This will give them the opportunity to find legal and well-paying employment so they don’t have to go back to crime.

To qualify, the individual must have been incarcerated in a United States prison within the last ten years. This offer is available only to those who have served time before; it is not offered to people currently serving jail sentences. Most prisons do not use digital systems to support these courses at this time, but people already behind bars can request information about whether their institution offers virtual courses that run through a web browser – and they too will be able to participate if so. If you wish to enroll, please fill out the form below.