To advocate for criminal justice reform and constitutional rights by raising awareness, providing resources, and by driving positive change from the inside out to the community at large.


We envision a nation where everyone receives just and equal treatment by the criminal justice system as guaranteed by the Constitution.



We believe that the first step to finding a solution is identifying the problem. A Voice From Prison offers a platform for people in the criminal justice system to share their own stories and thoughts. Giving a voice to the voiceless.

Criminal Justice Reform

To advocate for criminal justice reform on every level, by addressing the injustices that have been done, preventing the erosion of constitutional rights, and by promoting the right to a fair trial.

Constitutional Rights

To promote the standard of just and equal treatment of all, in accordance with the US Constitution, respecting the rights and privacy of every individual.

Doing the Right Thing

A Voice From Prison is guided by the principles of respect, equality, and fairness. We believe that the humane treatment of everyone inside the criminal justice system will benefit society as a whole.


We recognize that providing access to appropriate resources – legal aid, education and employment opportunities – are key elements of successful reintegration and in lowering rates of recidivism.