Staff and Volunteers

We rely on our dedicated volunteers and staff members to accomplish everything we do. Our commitment to serving others is only possible thanks to their hard work. If you’re interested in joining us as a volunteer or staff member visit our Opportunities page!

Tyler King

Executive Director

Tyler King is an serial entrepreneur, business/technology consultant, and photographer. He is ‘The Voice’ who writes from federal prison and is the founder of A Voice From Prison. He has attended several Ivy-League schools with many educational accomplishments and has an extensive background in business, which he uses to promote positive change within the criminal justice system.

Cornelia Mars

Content Editing Support and Associate Editor

Cornelia Mars has a BA (honours) in English Literature and Creative Writing from Concordia University in Montreal, and has a background in administration.

Marivel Palone

Content and Legal Research

Marivel Palone, a recent graduate of the University of California, Riverside, holds a B.A. in History | Law & Society. While her studies concentrated on U.S. history, she has a special affinity for the Early Colonial Period. She will soon be attending law school, and seeks to practice Constitutional law in the future. A native of California, Marivel grew up in Sacramento. 

Bella Stine

Content Contributor and Researcher

Bella Stine is a forensic psychology student at the Florida Institute of Technology. She is working towards her Bachelor’s Degree and plans to work within the criminal justice system post-graduation. Currently her focus is on improving the fairness and efficiency of the court system.

Rachael Stromberg

Social Media and Public Relations

Rachel Stromberg is a recent graduate from University of Florida with a BA in Criminal Justice. She is passionate about criminal justice reform and about reducing prison overcrowding.


Sarah Belyeu

Research Writer and Contributor

Sarah Belyeu holds a Master of Science in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, and an Associate of Arts in Social Work. She holds several certifications from the Center for Defense and Homeland Security. Sarah is passionate about criminal justice reform and is particularly interested in exploring structural issues in the criminal justice system, and in advocating for evidence-backed policies.