Why donate?

Why donate? Just imagine the amount of good you could do for just one person – they could spread kindness and compassion in five other people’s lives; this is what we call an exponential return on investment. And no, it doesn’t just stop there! Your donation not only helps these struggling men and women feel loved and cared for – but it also gives them hope when they are released back into society so that they can change the world for the better, little by little!

Here’s how we help prisoners succeed. We give them what they need so they can change their lives for the better and hopefully change someone else’s too. Prisoners deserve the chance to be productive citizens again and it makes sense for our country if we invest in creating brighter futures for these people.

Helping someone start over by providing them with the resources they’ll need is something we take very seriously. When you invest in our cause, not only are you helping some people start their lives over again because of us, but also you’re giving them a chance to live differently in other areas and impact other people positively – all while getting an incredible ROI because how many times can we truly say we made a difference?

Our cause doesn’t just stop at inmates – we want to fight for their rights and speak up on their behalf in order to find a solution so others don’t follow this same road. We also provide research based assistance to help push for change; but it all begins with supporting policy which will facilitate this new era of being all about rehabilitation rather than locking people up. Raising awareness of these issues from inside prison walls as well, A Voice From Prison will never stop seeking out ways to find solutions that will lead towards bettering society for everyone.

It costs money to keep all of this going. Our biggest expenses are marketing and outreach, followed by technology needs. No one on our Board or the Executive Director gets paid for what they do here; it’s donated time from passionate people who want nothing more than to see us help those in need.

If you want to help make a difference in our mission and cause, we would love your support – whatever it might look like. Being a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization means that all of your gifts are tax deductible. Your contribution is important – thank you for considering helping make an impactful change while being able to claim it on your taxes this year.