The Voice

United States vs. Your Name Here” – You never expect to see those words in your lifetime, especially if as a general rule, you always try to do the right thing. Imagine how you would feel, the skip in your heartbeat, the heavist weight on your shoulders you have ever felt, to know your life has been changed forever.

As an inmate in the Federal prison system, Tyler King has experienced the criminal justice system in a way almost unimaginable. Indicted in 2018, he choose to take his case to trial. His crime? Teaching someone about computers (watch out all teachers and professors), which she used to hack into her boss’s e-mail – not to steal money, but to find hidden information for a sexual harassment case that her employer was attempting to make disappear.

Feeling as though a Federal felony conviction (in what should have been a civil case at best) was not warranted, not believing he did anything wrong, he rejected the U.S. prosecutors plea deal and decided to go to trial. Innocent until proven guilty. Constitutional rights. Speedy trial. Getting evidence prior to trial. None of these things exist in the way most of us believe.

Following a guilty verdict, the total prison time? 6.5 years. How much did she get for doing the crime? 0 years. When you have six F.B.I. agents testifying against you at trial, the conviction is all but secured. After all, when does the F.B.I. – an agency with almost free range – ever get things wrong or lie?

Tyler King has become an activist for constitutional rights and criminal justice reform. Previous military, Ivy-League educated (in law and criminal justice, as well as business), he shares his views and the truths from the other side. Losing credibility, relationships, money, and the mosy precious resource of all – time, Tyler has turned these negative experiences into opportunities to better himself and the world around him.

From Federal Court to U.S. Marshal custody to the Bureau of Prisons, living through the COVID pandemic has turned a nightmare into a living hell. Having experienced the worst of the criminal justice system, share in his journey through his blog, helped published by his family.

Anyone can be caught in the criminal justice web – even responsible, ethically centered citizens trying to live out a productive life that positively impacts the community – as shown from Tyler’s case as well as many others. Wishing this was a unique story, however there are many other cases just like Tyler’s. These things can and affect all of us. Imagine being taken away from your family, put in a cell for years with limited opportunities to better yourself or enjoy the simple things in life, all for something you didn’t even believe was a crime. Wasted taxpayers dollars. People taken away from family and productive jobs. Help be a voice for change. Together we can restore the United States to the amazing country that our forefathers intended it to be.