Common Stigmas In The Criminal Justice System

Today, I would like to address some common stigmas (or stereotypes) against convicted individuals, at least in the United States. There are several labels which are placed upon a person as soon as they plea or are found guilty. These stigmas exist primarily to separate those who commit crime and those who follow the law, […]

Special Day For Me

I didn’t know exactly what to write today. It should be somewhat of a special day for me, however it isn’t exactly how I would have imagined I would be spending any days like this years ago. This will be my third birthday in custody, so I have been somewhat putting off writing this blog […]

COVID-19 Outbreak at Fort Dix Federal Prison

People, both inmates and staff, have been getting sick for weeks at Fort Dix, the largest Federal Prison in the country, located in New Jersey. However, administration and medical personnel have been avoiding the issue, likely in efforts to not admit to another COVID-19 outbreak, the last of which left several inmates dead in this […]

Manaen Matthews

Manaen Matthews was convicted of tax and wire fraud, a white-collar crime. He has no history of violence, but was sentenced to 78 months of prison time along with just over half a million dollars in restitution to the United States government, for processing roughly about three and a half million dollars in tax returns. […]