Criminal Justice Reform: Issues and Obstacles

Criminal Justice Reform: Issues and Obstacles Sarah Belyeu Support for punitive justice has a long-standing history in the US. From the post Civil War “prison boom,” to the “Tough on Crime” policies of the 1980s and 1990s, punitive measures often contribute to the social inequities they are rooted in. While attitudes are slow to change, […]

Losses Sustained in the Criminal Justice Process

There is so much loss directly and indirectly sustained when you are subjected to an inclusion in the criminal justice system and process. These include time lost, money lost, your home which could be lost, and family and friends who can also be lost in the process. I’d like to introduce a few of these […]

Common Stigmas In The Criminal Justice System

Today, I would like to address some common stigmas (or stereotypes) against convicted individuals, at least in the United States. There are several labels which are placed upon a person as soon as they plea or are found guilty. These stigmas exist primarily to separate those who commit crime and those who follow the law, […]