The Great Return To Prison For Minor Violations

Minor violations a.k.a. ‘technical violations’ account for the vast majority of reimprisonment cases. Violations can be as simple as failing to answer a phone call when a parole officer calls to check in, and individuals are expected to be on stand-by 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The result is that these minor […]

Analysis of Executive Order 14074 – Criminal Justice Reform

Every so often, the executive branch offers insight into the position on important political issues. Recently, President Biden issued an executive order (Exec. Order 14074 of May 25, 2022) that pertains to policing and criminal justice practices. Several conclusions can be drawn from his statements, which I would like to discuss here. Executive Orders often […]

What Message is the US Justice System Really Sending Prisoners?

What has surprised me most in my extensive experience with the United States Justice System is by far the overarching message sent by leadership and administration. The message is simple – “This Is A Game, Try Harder To Not Get Caught.” Many might not believe this statement, so I will expand on this in the […]

Unbelievable Conditions At Federal Prisons

It’s interesting to see the disparity between inmates and staff. The line between has a clear demarcation that shows who is afforded the basic necessities and rights, as well as who isn’t. Currently, I am incarcerated at a Federal Prison Camp. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have tennis courts and get to sit around […]

Losses Sustained in the Criminal Justice Process

There is so much loss directly and indirectly sustained when you are subjected to an inclusion in the criminal justice system and process. These include time lost, money lost, your home which could be lost, and family and friends who can also be lost in the process. I’d like to introduce a few of these […]

Special Day For Me

I didn’t know exactly what to write today. It should be somewhat of a special day for me, however it isn’t exactly how I would have imagined I would be spending any days like this years ago. This will be my third birthday in custody, so I have been somewhat putting off writing this blog […]

COVID-19 Outbreak at Fort Dix Federal Prison

People, both inmates and staff, have been getting sick for weeks at Fort Dix, the largest Federal Prison in the country, located in New Jersey. However, administration and medical personnel have been avoiding the issue, likely in efforts to not admit to another COVID-19 outbreak, the last of which left several inmates dead in this […]

Solitary Confinement

One of the most tortuous parts of the US criminal justice system is Solitary Confinement. This form of discipline is actually considered a barbaric form of torture by the United Nations. Very few counties in the developed world still use this as a form of discipline. Many correctional institutions refer to solitary confinement simply as […]

New Years 2022

As we usher in another new year for 2022, our thoughts often turn to the past to consider how we have changed (or may want to change), as well as to the future, to identify opportunities to make a difference in our own lives and others. This year is no different for me. Years ago, […]